Empower Your Technicians With Salesforce Field Service Management

Field Service Lightning

Delivering a superior, end-to-end customer experience is more crucial than ever in the connected customer era.
In fact, customer experience has surpassed price and product as the most important brand differentiator, according to the Customers 2020 report. To put it plainly, offering excellent customer service is essential for business success in the future.
Customers everywhere expect personalized, connected service, and call center service expectations have long since changed. Online contact and engagement centers are no longer sufficient in today’s connected world; on-site support must also be connected. In addition, switching between competitors is now simpler than ever for customers who are unhappy with the service they received from one business.

  • Organizations can manage any type of on-site work tasks with the aid of field service management.
  • The customer who submits the service request or product that needs support;
  • The agent who receives the request and creates a work order;
  • The dispatcher who ensures that the right work is assigned to the right mobile employee based on schedules, expertise, and location;
  • The mobile employee who receives the work order and visits the location to complete the task.

Despite the fact that there are numerous variables that affect field service, ultimately your performance is judged by the level of individualized attention you give to each and every client.

Field service features

Field Service for Salesforce Numerous features and advantages of Lightning are offered. Salesforce outperforms other FSL services, even if you already have a field service management solution in place. Review the top five features for a moment.

  1. Work Order Management
    By using Salesforce Field Service Lightning to create and manage work orders, you can automate your field service procedures. It will be simple to view accounts and confirm the requirements and requirements for the job with this feature. Once the work order is complete, you can link this with invoicing for a speedier payment procedure.
  2. Reliable Scheduling of Appointments
    You can quickly and easily visualize your workforce with the aid of an FSL dispatch console. Using this feature, you can adjust the scheduling based on the technicians’ availability.
  3. Inventory Control
    Your team will be informed of all stock available, including items that are stored in individual work trucks, and you will be able to maintain inventory control. You and your team can access the Salesforce system’s product management to see what supplies of tools, equipment, and goods are available for each project or service call. This function is excellent for analyzing profit and costs and serving as a sales tool.
  4. Field Service Analytics
    You can manage your inventory and inform every member of your team about the full range of stock options with an FSL. even the things that are kept inside individual work trucks. The Salesforce system’s product management feature enables you and your team to be aware of the equipment, supplies, and products that are readily available.

Field technicians encounter many difficulties on a daily basis. These include a lack of access to service manuals, the visibility of parts and equipment, a lack of training video availability, and ineffective pre-visit service history reviews. Your onsite staff can automate all of these processes and access them quickly at any time.

You must give your field technicians a better working environment. However, that is not the only thing that needs to be managed in your company. Additional advantages that an FSL can provide for your company include the following:

Timesheet management:
This enables accounts payable and receivable to guarantee payroll accuracy by giving the techs the most recent information on payments.
Field service technicians, dispatch, bookkeeping, and administration will manage the vouchers more easily.

Travel arrangements: Field service technicians, dispatch, bookkeeping, and administration will manage the travel and reimbursement vouchers more easily.

Tracking of parts and equipment: By using these tools, management, dispatch, and technicians can access a single source for information on product shipments and equipment tracking.

Text or email alert generation:
After a service call, this feature enables technicians or dispatch to send surveys and make use of other CRM tools.

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