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Salesforce Industries is a suite of pre-built industry solutions built on top of the Salesforce platform. These solutions are designed to address the unique needs of specific industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, and more. Each Salesforce Industry solution comes with industry-specific templates, tools, data models, and workflows. Making it easier for businesses to streamline their processes, manage customer relationships, and improve overall performance. By leveraging Salesforce Industries, businesses can take advantage of the benefits of the Salesforce platform while also having access to industry-specific capabilities and best practices.

Founded in 2014, Vlocity quickly gained force as an “industry cloud” pioneer with three Forbes Cloud 100 awards in 2017, 2018, and 2019. What helped them achieve such rapid success?

Vlocity applications (built on the Salesforce platform) solve the needs of particular industries, such as Communications, Insurance, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Media, Health, and Public Sector with omnichannel sales, marketing, service, and CPQ solutions.

In 2020 Salesforce acquired Vlocity. As a result of the transaction, Salesforce was able to add Vlocity’s industry-specific CRMs to its existing products, known as Salesforce Industries.

Salesforce Industries provides industry-specific solutions for a variety of industries, including:

  1. Financial Services Cloud: A solution for financial services organizations, including banks, insurance companies, and wealth management firms. It is designed to meet the demands of companies in the financial sector: banks, insurance agents, mortgage and loan companies, and others.
  2. Healthcare Cloud: A solution for healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, and health insurance companies. It seeks to satisfy, in a specialized way, the demands of patients, doctors, health care providers, and financiers. It provides health system workers with various tools for effective collaboration, allowing more personalized interactions between the different levels of care (primary, secondary, and tertiary) as well as with all the specialties and institutions of the health system.
  • Nonprofit Cloud: All the features NPOs require are in the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, which we can customise for your unique needs. Above all, we collaborate with you to make sure Nonprofit Cloud benefits your organisation as much as possible. Our first aim is to support you in completing your task.
    • Apps for the management and delivery of services.
    • Goal alignment and acceleration efforts.
    • Identifying opportunities.
    • Outreach across multiple social media and communication platforms.
    • Centralizing coordination and collaboration efforts.
    • Building relationships with supporter and donors.
    • Connecting with other organizations.
    • Making more informed decisions.
    • Sharing information.
      The platform includes solutions that might help your business save time and increase income. Additionally, it enables deeper connections with your neighbourhood and constituency. Nonprofit Cloud optimization, for instance, can help with
  • Manufacturing Cloud: Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud was introduced in late 2019 with the goal of giving manufacturers a more contemporary approach to get a complete picture of their whole operations. Businesses would be able to link their many departments together in this way to get information that might be utilised to better understand their own operations as well as market developments and their capacity to respond to them swiftly. Here are 5 advantages that switching to automated operations might provide you.
  • Consumer Goods Cloud: Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud is a collection of cloud-based software technologies that may assist brands and retailers in managing their retail operations and storefronts while boosting sales. Because it is built on the Salesforce platform, this cloud promotes rapid adoption of this technology throughout your business while being quick to deploy and simple to use.
    • Faster opening of retail establishments
    • On Retail shop objects, Salesforce has added a brand-new Address field. As they won’t have to produce location records each time they may update or establish a new shop record, it will assist Sales Managers in swiftly producing records of their retail store.
    • Simple Record Sharing for Retail Stores
      Since your sales representative now has automatic access to your retail store data when you provide them access to account records, the retail shop objects now receive the sharing rules from the account object.
    • Be familiar with Visit Recommendation Flows
      Through Sample flows, users may quickly comprehend how the visit recommendations are created.
  • Energy and Utilities Cloud:
    • Be the trendsetter for transition to energy metamorphosis with centralized client data, and on- time, substantiated,pro-active service from anywhere, from any device.
    • Energy and Utilities Cloud delivers a scalable, digital and secure energy result that adapts and scales for unborn energy requirements.
    • Get access to a process depository of further than 100 preconfigured and extendable stylish practices
    • fluently connect to back office mileage Billing and client Information Systems( CIS) with easy, drag and drop integrations
    • use a data model with access to further than 350 extended objects specifically designed for the mileage assiduity
    • With Energy and Utilities Cloud, you can take advantage of purpose- erected inventions designed for an dynamic and evolving energy geography.
  • Media Cloud: Specifically designed for the media sector, Media Cloud became especially relevant in times of pandemic with hundreds of millions of users in quarantine. Their habits, expectations, and ways of consuming media have been irreversibly transformed. With the Media Cloud, media providers can deliver a seamless, dynamic experience across all channels and devices. In addition, it speeds up the development and launch of packages or subscription offers.

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