Salesforce Service Cloud Voice With Amazon Connect

Service Cloud Voice seamlessly enhances your Salesforce Service Cloud investment with telephony. By bringing together voice communications, digital channels, and CRM data, you equip your agents with smart and streamlined service to provide your customers with a great phone experience from anywhere. Amazon Connect creates a unified contact centre experience for customers and agents by providing an integrated voice channel in your Salesforce Service Cloud omni-channel experience.


Phone conversations have been disconnected from CRM and the service agent console. A common problem in legacy contact center solutions is that agents must scramble through multiple browser tabs and separate application windows in order to serve their customers. This type of behaviour leads to additional staffing overhead, longer on-boarding times, cross- training issues, longer average handle time, and complicated technological implementations that make future scaling an impossibility.


Service Cloud Voice will bring together telephony, digital channels and
CRM datain one unified console so agents can deliver an efficient and proactive service.

Service Cloud Voice offers many benefits and features:

Integrate telephony so agents work on a single, centralised console, removing the need to toggle between different tools or multiple screens.
Proactive and personalized experience

Service Cloud Voice provides a complete 360-degree view of each customer, so agents are able to resolve queries quickly and proactively. With the information they need at their fingertips, agents can be assured they have everything they need to provide the best customer support possible and exceed expectations.

Boost productivity (with the Amazon Connect Integration)
As well as the time saved by removing the need to switch between tools, Service Cloud Voice has automatic transcription capabilities, so no more manual note taking or typing up notes after a call! This feature is provided via Amazon Connect integration.

Real-time call transcription enables Einstein to support agents with recommended solutions and next best actions.

Training and coaching
With integrated telephony, managers can monitor calls in real time and provide support and coaching. All these fantastic features combine to reduce average call handling time and improve both the customer and agent experience.

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