How You Can Make Your community Better with Salesforce Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud is an online social platform that enables companies to connect customers, partners, and employees with each other — and the data and records they need to get work done. This next-generation portal combines the real-time collaboration of Chatter with the ability to share any file, data, or record anywhere and on any mobile device.​

Experience Cloud allows you to streamline key business processes and extend them across offices and departments, and outward to customers and partners. Now everyone in your business ecosystem can service customers more effectively, close deals faster, and get work done in real time.

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a set of functionality built on the powerful Salesforce CRM platform. This means that when you’re using Experience Cloud to build a digital experience, the world is your oyster!

You can create a digital experience for any situation where you want to present a beautiful external-facing interaction with your Salesforce CRM.

Popular examples include:​

  • Partner portal​
  • Account portal​
  • Storefronts​
  • Microsites​
  • Industry solutions​
  • Customer service hub​
  • Help centers​
  • Support site​
  • Mobile app​

With Experience Cloud, you’re giving stakeholders what they need. Not only this, but you’re doing this completely integrated with your CRM. This means you’re maintaining and cultivating a single source of truth with an even bigger picture of your business, your customers and your partners.​

We keep repeating that it’s built on the Salesforce platform… but that’s because it’s important! By building on the Salesforce platform, you’re building your partner portal or support forum on world-leading software that is scalable, secure, customizable and centralized.​

A few more perks to consider at  a glance:​

  • Go to market fast with industry-specific customizable themes​
  • Create multiple experiences for specific needs​
  • Design for every device since all digital experiences are 100% mobile optimized and fully responsive​


Integration of data from any source:  

Whether it is data obtained by Salesforce or from third parties, with Experience Cloud you can integrate data from any source: such as leads, opportunities, cases, campaigns, orders, financial reports and custom objects.​

Provide of personalised experiences:

Turn your business into a provider of personalized experiences in accordance with the expectations of each type of user. ​

To do this, Salesforce Experience Cloud uses the data provided by the CRM to achieve optimal segmentation of target markets, audiences and users.​

Personalised design for each type of device:

Optimise the digital experiences that your business provides with various fully functional templates for all types of mobile devices, with an easy and intuitive interface. In addition, it works on the foundation of responsive design​

Boost interaction with your users: 
​Manage personalised badges to reward the most active users in your community. Additionally, with Experience Cloud members can recommend others based on their skills and experiences​

Real-time tracking: ​

Provides the ability to measure, process, and analyze data from your sites using customisable Lightning dashboards in Experience Workspace to keep optimising brand experiences.​

Optimise response management: ​

You can group together the brand information available through all the pages and experiences generated. This enables you to collect and process conversations, files, groups, and experts in a single experience, providing greater organisation of responses.​

Analytics for decision-making:

For customer plus community users and partner community users, reports and dashboards can be presented.​


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